Cultural Appreciation vs Cultural Appropriation: An interview with the founder of Reclaim the Bindi

In an increasingly globalised world, where people of diverse backgrounds have intertwined and the transfer of cultures is rampant, is there a difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation? “Cultural appropriation is extremely harmful as it is a manifestation of racism” says the founder of the #reclaimthebindi movement. Cultural appropriation is the use of elements of […]

What is Aussie?: An Interview with Peter Drew

In the age of globalisation, national identities are not fixed or given, but instead depend critically on the claims which people make in different contexts and times. Today, a national identity is selected and adopted. Peter Drew’s latest project explores this notion of national identity. The Adelaide-based artist’s campaign simply opens the doors of assessment by posing […]

Music, freedom of expression and copyright

Music gives us the unrivalled ability to harness emotions, solemise events, express political sentiment, reach a spiritual awakening and even start a revolution. Music is the ultimate form of the freedom of expression. But the freedom of expression is not a justification to acquire music via illegitimate means. In 2013, it was reported that music […]

Fusing Art, Female Empowerment and Social Change: An Interview with Nimisha Bhanot

With the aid of social media, artists today are an incredibly powerful force in the power play of global social, political and cultural change. Nimisha Bhanot, an Indo-Canadian artist, is one such powerful force. Her painting series ‘Badass Indian Pinups’ was featured in prominent publications such as Buzzfeed, SBS and BBC Asia Network. In an […]