4 Extraordinary Artists To Follow on Instagram

Instagram is my favourite form of social media because it not only creates a visual landscape for us to enjoy but also adds an extra dimension to our social reality and identity, and yet it doesn’t take itself too seriously. However, who you follow on instagram says a lot about you. I have sourced five incredible artists (who happen to be of South Asian decent) for you to follow. This will certainly take your instagram identity up a notch. You’re welcome.

  1. Maria Qamar’s Hatecopy is a satirical take on the bizarre social conventions of South Indians. Her work is not only beautiful but also very witty and leaves us with fits of laughter.”I’m taking what already exists [in our culture] and laughing about it like an inside joke,” Qamar said in an interview with BBC. This ‘inside joke’ is shared with her 48,000 (and growing) followers.
  2. Nimisha Bhanot’s work is not only visually striking and masterful, but also fuels social activism by changing the stereotypical portrayal of Indian women from shy or nice to confident and sexually liberated. If you don’t follow Nimisha Bhanot, you’re doing yourself a disservice.
  3. LA-based Khushboo makes insightful social, cultural and political commentry through her vibrant illustrations. This is one of my favourite of her works.

  4. Everybody needs to follow Vivek Shraya. She is a multi-talented musician, film-maker, writer and artist. Her recent work, Trisha, is a heartfelt ode to her mother and “the daughter she never wanted, or rather, the daughter she wasn’t allowed to want” (from Shraya’s interview with Dazed). Shraya’s instagram is fun, colourful and a great way to keep track of all the amazing things she is up to.